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Teaching People Everywhere How To... "Let The Word Become Life In Their Life"  

You Can Have Everything The Bible Says You Can Have. You Can Be Everything The Bible Says You Can Be. You Can Do Everything The Bible Says You Can Do. 


What Can We Do For You?

Now Concerning Spiritual, Brethren, I Do Not Want You To Be Unaware! I Corinthians 12:1


What is BAM?

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Our Services

Choose just the services you need, or build an all-inclusive package

 Phone Support

If you need someone to talk to or need prayer.

Call 855-BAM-WORD (855-226-9673)

One of our ministers will be happy to pray with you or simply listen to your concerns.

Everybody needs somebody who cares and understands to talk to!

Press Extension #2 at the prompt.

Mentoring Sessions

Whether for an hour or two, we'll sit down with you and your family to build a complete strategy for success.

One of our ministers will roll up their sleeves and help you find the root problem and lay out some practical steps and a roadmap for your quick turnaround.

Click the toolbox below to set up an appointment.

Weekly Check-ins on the Go

Stay on track with regular check-in sessions, ideal for busy execs who just need more hours in the day.

BAM-TV Online - Live Interactive Internet with Live Chat.

Sunday @ 10:00am EST and Wednesday @ 7:00pm EST

Just click the calendar below to join in from your phone or computer at the times listed above.

Online Seminars

We believe the whole Bible is relevant for today. However, many are not aware of the rich trues available for their daily lives.

Join us every Friday @ 8:00pm EST for a 30-minute teaching called "Sabbath with Bishop"

Learn how to "Rest and Learn" and enjoy fellowship with others on our live chat.

 Just click the box below at 8:00pm every Friday night.


Born Again Men get together for breakfast the 2nd Saturday every month

Join us for breakfast and a special time where men talk about real Bible answers for your role in the family.

@ The Big Boy in Sandusky

Mark your calendar!

Oh..And we are Buying!

See you there @ 10:00am


We are living in perilous times for sure. Are we in a safe place? How can we know? What is a safe place?

The Bible says; "There is saftey in counsel of Elders"!

Elders are not just people who are old; but people who have gone through some tough times and have found real answers. 

BAM mentors know a few things because they have seen a few things. Just click the lock below for saftey!

BAM University

Have you ever wanted to further your education for ministry but could not relocate to attend Bible School?

BAM has a complete Online program that will take you from your "first steps" in ministry all the way to a degree if you so desire.

Click the seal below for information to see if this Universty is just what you have been searching for.

We also offer free courses!

Budget Planning

What does God say about my money? A Lot!

Click the $ sign below for a quick teaching about BAM's Policy about finances. 

In 30 years BAM has never asked or manipulted people into giving and by the way detest the ministries that do...

What is God's Divine order of Giving according to the Bible? And How does His plan take care of everyone?

Businessmen Blessed Because of BAM

What Our Members Say


I was healed of heart failure, because I heard what God's word says about healing while attending BAM. The doctors are still amazed! I never attended church and did not really have any interest in church. The moment I walked into BAM I knew there was something different about this church and not like what I thought church people were; at least the one's that I had met. After my healing I began just wanting to serve and found that IS what God wants for us to do and be. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would actually be in ministry. Well that is what can happen when you hear Gods Word and just do it. Deacon Heath Chappel

"Before I came to BAM, I could never figure out why my life was so messed up, even though I thought I was a Christian. Now that I have been attending BAM, I've realized I wasn't living like a Christian at all before, but I found out it was because there was so much I didn't know. God's Word has finally become alive for me. I understand things I never could before. Everything in my life has changed- my relationships, my finances, my purpose, everything! Now, I am prospering, and I have the ability to actually help others. Amanda Riley

Before coming to BAM, I had went to a wide variety of churches and yet nothing that I was taught or heard gave me a lasting relationhip with Him. The first time I came to BAM, Bishop Bill called out by Word of Knowledge about pain in a thumb. That was me! It was an injury I had as a teen and have had pain for years. I told no one. I went up for prayer and I have not had any pain since. That was my "thumbs up" moment and turning point in my life. The teaching at BAM has opened the Word of God to me and now I have a relationship with the Father, learnin what He says about life and how to apply it in obediece in my own life. Nate Evans

I have peace I never thought possible since attending BAM. My family and I for two years drove almost two hours going to BAM and two hours driving back home. We knew that the word of God was and is being given at BAM. BAM gave us a hunger for the word of God. My family and I made the decision to move to Sandusky and stop driving two hours to be closer to BAM. We knew that we had found a church home and wanted to be close by to help serve. The leadership at BAM supported us and even helped us get an apartment. BAM is a blessing to us. They want to see people grow and follow the Father’s will. They do it all for the glory of the Lord to be shown. My family and I are at peace. We have good jobs, a great running car, a church that supports each other and most importantly the word of God. I love BAM because God is there and I invite you to come. Stephanie Carter

At BAM I learned about God's financial giving plan, and every year I see the blessings in my life because of it. From receiving a dedicated route that got me home to serve in God's house, to a new job that gives me the freedom to serve, to favor above people that has been there longer, and now able to start my own business.  

It just keeps getting better!!! Min. Aaron Riley

BAM Welcome


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